About Samuel and Matilda Dale

Dale possessed a very different personality from that of Hill. He was a politician at heart and a social climber. From Salem, Massachusetts, Dale came to Bangor in 1833 as a sail-maker. Eventually he would own grocery and ship chandlery businesses downtown.

The Thomas A. Hill House before the current dormers and addition.

“Mr. Dale opened a Ship-Chandlering establishment on Broad St., doing business in the building which housed RICE & MILLER CO. until their recent removal to new quarters. Until recently Ships in full sail could be seen on the iron rim of that Building and I can remember when a child my delight in looking at those Ships, then picked out in Gold Leaf on a dark background. The memory of my mother goes back to when she was a child and the ODOR of Tarred Rope assailed the nostrils on entering the Sail Loft with its carved Figure-Heads and the profusion of Marine Equipment.” (From the records of Mrs. Antoinette Torey, who was Mr. Dale’s great-granddaughter)

Dr. James F. Cox lived in this house for 22 years. His examining room was located under the former staircase; this room is now used for storing the museum’s painting collection. In 1942 Dr. Cox died and the family left the house.

The Thomas A. Hill House today.