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The Hatch House–Bangor’s First Hotel

HatchHouse circa 1855In 1800 Captain Isaac hatch came to Bangor with his wife, Abigail Clark Hatch and their five children (Isaac and Abigail would have three more children after their move). In 1802 (or maybe 1801, records are unclear) Isaac and Abigail would build and open the growing town’s first hotel, the Hatch House.

On Main Street at the corner of Cross Street and set back about 40 feet from the road, the Hatch House was a simple two-story wooden frame federal style building that was the family business, but also the place the Hatch family called home.

In its earliest days, the Hatch House wasn’t much more than a stagecoach stop. As Bangor grew, so did Isaac and Abigail’s business. Eventually the inn was one of the city’s most popular housing overnight guests along with boarders who stayed for longer periods of time.Isaac and Abigail ran Hatch House together. Something that was made clear during the 72-hour British occupation of Bangor in September, 1814.

After British forces under the command of Royal Navy Captain Robert Barrie had successfully overtaken the Eastern Militia at the Battle of Hampden, the troops moved their three ships on to Bangor.

When they came ashore Barrie demanded provisions and quarters for his men. He threatened to burn the town if residents didn’t comply. After Barrie banned liquor for his troops they began looting and plundering the town. Six stores were damaged, resulting in nearly $6000 in damages.

But this is where things got interesting for the Hatch House.

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